About Us

About Us

National Federation of the Music Industry (NFMI) is a non-profit partnership of leading music companies brought together for the purpose of the development of the legal music market in Russia and Runet, and promotion of respect to artists and their copyright.

Current members of the Federation are: 

• Sony Music,
• Universal Music,
• Warner Music,
• EMI,
• Gala Records,
• Navigator Records

NFMI works in close cooperation with IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry), headquartered in London. Federation takes an active part in the Russian and international conferences, round tables, debates and other events dedicated to the problems of copyright protection in the music industry.


Currently, legal sales of music CDs and piracy in this area dropped to a minimum. Backstreet traders of illegal intellectual property migrated to the web. While the copyright on the Internet appeared to be unprotected due to a sudden shift of technical paradigm.

That is why, NFMI main objective is fighting for the rights of authors on the Internet.

Consequently, the Federation priority is to initiate changes to the existing legislative base in the field of intellectual property protection.

Changes are required because:

• The existing legislation is inconvenient and presented in random documents;
• Theft of intellectual property is not set equal to a theft;
• Courts do not have experience in dealing with cases of that kind.

As a result of legislative changes, the author should get a convenient and above all, cheap tool (compared to the judicial trial) that will allow him to defend his rights by himself.

Federation has active contacts with government officials and law enforcement authorities, treat proposals in the State Duma, the Ministry of Communications, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Education, and the Government of the Russian Federation.

NFMI develops bills, writes amendments, and is enrolled in all initiatives in the area of copyright - from the elaboration of the Russian Federation National Intellectual Property Strategy to proposing amendments to bills.

NFMI is an open organization. We are actively developing and always welcome new members. We invite record companies, performing groups, well-known and emerging artists and musicians, and those non-indifferent to that problem to join our ranks. Federation is open to everyone.

The Head of NFMI is Leonid Agronov, a professional lawyer, an expert in the field of the intellectual rights of artists and musicians. He participated in finalizing the draft of the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, and the Administrative Code, regarding the protection of intellectual property in the digital networks; in the elaboration of a long-term Russian Federation National Intellectual Property Strategy. He has been working in the music industry since 2001, occupied senior positions in the Russian offices of Universal Music and Sony Music companies. In 2012, he headed NFMI. Leonid takes an active part in most specialized and general public events like: Antikontrafakt, IEF, RIW, and in various conferences on copyright.
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